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300 Fruit Flies
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Are you looking for 300 fruit flies? USA Bugz offers exotic pet owners quality 300 fruit flies with spcial savings, fast shipping and great customer care. Our exotic pet food professionals have years of experience producing quality 300 fruit flies for reptiles. Here at USA Bugz, we we care about quality. Great 300 fruit flies for great prices is what we do, so both you and your scaly friend can enjoy.

Our exotic pet feeder staff ensures that prior to the shipment of the 300 fruit flies they are fed a nutrutious and healthy diet, so they stay as fresh as possible all the way to you. USA Bugz has been a trusted supplier of 300 fruit flies for many satisfied customers who have continuously ordered from us over the years. Our customers know that when they buy 300 fruit flies from USA Bugz they get the 300 fruit flies they need and they get it fast. USA Bugz has been supplying 300 fruit flies to stores nationally for many years and have decided to open our doors directly to customers so you can buy your 300 fruit flies at a more affordable price.

At USA Bugz, we carry a variety of different quantities, sizes and ages of 300 fruit flies so you can be sure we have the 300 fruit flies your pet needs. Unsure of what you need? Contact our customer service department to speak to an expert to find the best feeder source for your pet.

Hydei are larger (about 1/8") than Drosophila melanogaster, and are an ideal food for poison dart frogs, fish, praying mantis, young frogs and toads, and other reptiles, amphibians, or captive animals that require small foods. ... Producing Fruit Fly Cultures will be ready to use 1-3 days after you receive them!

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USA Bugz, your trusted source for 300 fruit flies.

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300 Fruit Flies